From Vision to Action

«To engage SILAB in socially committed action while confirming its scientific culture, fundamental values and humanism – it is for these reasons that I decided on this creation» Jean PAUFIQUE.

The aim of the SILAB - Jean PAUFIQUE Corporate Foundation is to provide active and constant support for Fundamental and applied Research dedicated to the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of skin pathologies, particularly skin cancer.

Professors Philippe HUMBERT and Christophe BEDANE, opinion leaders in the domain of Dermatological Research, have joined the Governing Body of the Corporate Foundation. They make an essential contribution to the corporate approach based on shared values: a passion for Research and support for young talent.


2021 prize-winner: Léa Dousset

Léa Dousset Léa Dousset was named the 14th prize-winner of the SILAB - Jean PAUFIQUE Corporate Foundation.
Dr. Léa Dousset’s project is entitled “Therapeutic targeting by cell profiling of aggressive forms of Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)”. Her work was conducted in INSERM unit U1035 at the University of Bordeaux under the direction of Dr. Hamid Rezvani (dermatology and cancer team, BMGIC). This project involved a series of patients presenting an aggressive form of SCC and a precancerous lesions. Its goal was to use spatial transcriptomics to identify the cell composition and types, their phenotypes and their differences, by comparing the precancerous lesion and the aggressive form. Access to patient biopsies was made possible by the MITOSKIN translational study conducted in the Dermatology Department of Prof. Beylot-Barry at the Bordeaux University Hospital. Sub-populations were profiled using single cell RNA sequencing. The better understand of the architecture of tumors and the factors promoting tumor progression could result in the identification of new prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers. This approach may also open the path to new therapeutic targets.