The Corporate Foundation is managed by a Governing Body, consisting of members of SILAB's Executive Committee and internationally renowned experts of Dermatology Research, and is presided by Jean PAUFIQUE.

Governing Body

Jean PAUFIQUE - Founder and President

Founder representative
Anne PAUFIQUE - Secretary
Brigitte CLOSS-GONTHIER - Administrator

Founder staff representative
Florence GINER MEILHAC - Treasurer

Outside personality
Philippe HUMBERT - Administrator
Christophe BÉDANE - Administrator

Scientific Committee

Abdel AOUACHERIA - Ph.D in Biochemistry - CNRS Research Scientist, Accreditation to Supervise Research - Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of Montpellier

Christophe BÉDANE - Senior Researcher in Dermatology - Consultant with a Hospital appointment - MD Ph.D - University of Limoges

Michel BOULÈGUE - Doctor specialized in Allergology and Clinical Immunology - Brive

Brigitte CLOSS-GONTHIER - Ph.D in Food Biochemistry - Deputy Managing Director R&D SILAB - Brive

Hélène COPPIN - Ph.D in Biochemistry - Research Director at the INSERM - University of Toulouse

Laure GIBOT - Ph.D in cell and molecular biology - Researcher at the CNRS - Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology (IPBS) - Toulouse

Philippe HUMBERT - Senior Researcher

Michel JOURLIN - Senior Researcher with the Saint-Etienne Institute of Advanced Technology - University of Saint-Etienne

Marie-Thérèse LECCIA - Senior Researcher - Dermatology and Photobiology - Grenoble University Hospital

Carmelo LUCI - Ph.D in Cellular Biology - Researcher at INSERM U 1065 - C3M - Nice

Rémi MAGHIA - Doctor specialized in Dermatology and Venereology – Treasurer of the French federation of continuing education and evaluation in Dermatology-Venereology (FFFCEDV) - Reims

Michel MANFAIT - Senior Researcher - Ph.D in Physical Sciences - University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne

Laurent MULLER - Ph.D in Cell Biology - Researcher at INSERM U1050 - CIRB Collège de France - Paris

Marie-Hélène RATINAUD - Senior Researcher - Faculty of Science and Technology - University of Limoges

Florence RUGGIERO - Ph.D in Cellular Biology - Research Director at the CNRS - Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon - ENS of Lyon

Vincent SOL - Ph.D - Director of Natural Substances Chemical Laboratory - University of Limoges