The Corporate Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary

The 10th annual meeting of the SILAB - Jean PAUFIQUE Corporate Foundation took place on Thursday, June 29 2017 at the SILAB headquarters in an atmosphere even more festive than usual. To mark this anniversary, the prize-winners from the last ten years or their laboratory managers, the members of the Scientific Committee and the Governing Body as well as SILAB company employees gathered together with the Founder, Jean PAUFIQUE. In total, 140 people attended the various scientific presentations.

Unanimously selected by the Foundation's Scientific Committee, Thomas BERTERO, the tenth award winner, presented his research work. His project entitled “the influence of the mechanical properties of the tumoral niche on the Squamous Cells Carcinoma metabolism” will receive financial support from the Foundation for three years. The research is carried out at the Institute for Research into Cancer and Aging (IRCAN) in Nice, under the supervision of Dr. Cédric GAGGIOLI.

It was also an opportunity to follow the progress of the research project of Jonas OGIEN, the 2016 award winner. The research was carried out in the “Biomedical Imaging Systems” team at the Charly Fabry Laboratory in Palaiseau.

The scientific conference ended on a friendly note as researchers, guests and SILAB employees mingled and chatted together, as Jean PAUFIQUE reports: “the Foundation plays its part in gathering together a quality scientific community around common topics, with a strong concern for citizenship and a focus on scientific and technological progress in our common area of interest: healthy or diseased skin.”

published on Tuesday 01 August 2017