11th annual meeting of the Corporate Foundation

On June 2018, 28, the annual meeting of the SILAB - Jean Paufique Corporate Foundation gathered almost 120 people within SILAB premises, in Saint-Viance (Corrèze department, France), who attended the presentation of the 11th prize winner and discovered the current research work supported by the Foundation.

This day was orchestrated by Brigitte Closs-Gonthier, administrator and scientific director of the Corporate Foundation, and brought together the members of the scientific committee as well as SILAB staff.

The brilliant 2018 prize-winner, Joudi Bakar, came to explain her research project which receives the financial support of the Foundation for the next two years: “Diagnosis of the pathological cutaneous barrier: multimodal approach of the lipid biosynthesis on cellular models”. The studies are conducted within the Interdisciplinary Academic Unit Lip(Sys)2: Lipids, analytical and biological Systems, attached to the university of Paris-Sud, faculty of pharmacy, under the supervision of Prof. Arlette Baillet-Guffroy and Mrs Rime Michael-Jubeli.

This scientific meeting was also an opportunity to follow the progress of the research projects of the two previous prize-winners, Thomas Bertero (2017) and Jonas Ogien (2016). It ended with a cocktail, during which prize-winners, members of the Foundation and SILAB staff could exchange together in a friendly atmosphere.

published on Friday 06 July 2018